Starting Simple: Become a Mystery Shopper and Shop with Market Force

Starting Simple: Become a Mystery Shopper and Shop with Market Force
by Mike [The Prudent Geek]

           Are you ready to give mystery shopping a try? To begin, I would recommend taking baby steps. There is no need for you to register for a hundred mystery shopping companies (MSC) in one day. Start simple. Begin with one company and then branch out to more once you have a better grasp of the industry. One of the easiest companies to start shopping with is Market Force.

“Market Force? Who’s That?”
            Market Force is a mystery shopping company that prides itself on the fact that they have developed a large mystery-shopping network. Now, that may sound intimidating at first. However, it actually works out to be an advantage for new shoppers. Market Force tends to have a high volume of jobs available in a wide range of areas, and the jobs are often fairly simple. Some reports can take longer than others, but in general, the shops you complete through Market Force aren’t rocket science or brain surgery. In addition, Market Force has a very easy-to-use platform that makes completing shops from start to finish a breeze.

“Okay, I’m Interested, How Can I Check It Out?”
Step 1
Create an email account that you can use specifically for mystery shopping.

Step 2
Download a version of Google Chrome. Some mystery shopping websites struggle to load properly in Internet Explorer.

Step 3
Complete Market Force’s registration for by visiting:

Step 4
After being accepted as a shopper with Market Force, you will receive an email that will include your login information and a link to helpful hints.

“What Do I Do Now?”
            After being accepted as a shopper, you can log into your account and apply for assignments. Once logged in, you can click ‘View Available Shops’ under the ‘Shop Management’ header to find mystery shopping assignments that are available for you to accept. When you find an assignment that you are interested in, you can quickly answer the screening questions (usually setup to make sure you aren’t evaluating a company that employed you or your friends) and then view an overview of the assignment. Market Force will make a thorough set of guidelines available to you after you are officially assigned to the shop.

Try It Out!
            Go ahead and give it a try! Are you unsure about what jobs you want to complete? As an independent contractor of Market Force, I electronically signed a confidentiality agreement that restricts me from disclosing the name of Market Force’s clients. However, if you let me know what zip code you are shopping in, I would be glad to suggest some of the shop types that you may want to consider applying for.

            Let me know how it goes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Mystery shopping is a true passion of mine. I will be posting a lot more articles about the industry, other mystery shopping companies (MSC), and some helpful hints.

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