Introduction to Mystery Shopping

Introduction to Mystery Shopping
by Mike [The Prudent Geek]

In a Nutshell, What is Mystery Shopping?
            Before I jump in and talk about what mystery shopping is, I think it is important for me to discuss what mystery shopping is not.

1) Mystery shopping is not a scam.
2) Mystery shopping is not a get rich scheme.

Mystery shopping is a vehicle that allows you to live above your means while budgeting to live below you means. It allows you to purchase products, utilize services, and engage in experiences that you wouldn’t typically do in high frequency because you don’t want to break the bank.

As a mystery shopper, you will register for jobs that fit your needs and schedule. Then, once approved, you will be the company’s eyes and ears; you will make observations about specific details they want you to look for when conducting the shop. Then, when you are finished, you complete a report and submit it for review.

My Experience as a Shopper
            I have been a registered mystery shopper for the past five years. I’ve received free food (fast, casual, and fine dining), clothing, hardware items, oil changes, and much more. Could I have chosen to only wine and dine myself? Of course, but over the last couple years, I decided to complete shops that were practical. That oil change every three months and extra night out to celebrate a successful week at work made much more sense to me. Again, I use mystery shopping to allow me to live above my means. Every penny saved equates to much more than a penny earned. All of my extra money allows me to save extra money towards special funds (e.g. vacation, home improvement, etc.) and retirement.

Where Can I Sign Up?
Look forward to my upcoming post about getting started as a mystery shopper.

However, in the meantime, do the following to get ready:

  • Create an email address that you will use specifically for mystery shopping.
  • Scan a copy of your driver’s license or identification card. You need to verify your identity with some mystery shopping companies.
  • Think about what types of industries you want to participate in as a mystery shopper. Post them below as a comment. I will try to cite mystery shopping companies (MSCs) that are geared towards the industries you are interested in as a shopper.







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